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classic old west styles

15% off in stock Leather Suspenders

Braces, suspenders, hole-up your-pants-ers, what ever you call them we have the best. A staple for cowboy single action shooting. One size fits most.

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Shirt Sizing

COWS Shirt Sizing - Mens

Men's Chest Size- Shirts

 Medium Large XL 2XL 3XL
38-41.5 42-45 45-47 47-49 49-52


Our Shirts are made loose for easier shooting, fighting, dancing, and what have you.
They are very roomy and help keep you cool in the summer. 

If you have a nice beer belly, like myself, go up one size if you normally buy a Medium, Large, XL and order just your regular size if you are 2xl or 3xl.