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THE BOUNTY HUNTER RIG! Two Holster Version. If you would like two different sizes for each of your holsters please email with your preference. 

This is our working man's rig. We picked one rig and priced it at an affordable price so everyone can start shooting with a high quality authentic western rig. This design was popular in the Texas and Arizona border regions during the era of cattle rustling's heyday.

It is a great hand made rig using high quality 14 oz American tannery leather shaved down to 9 oz leather so its both soft and sturdy. This fine rig will last you a life time. Available in russet brown only at this price.

  • double loop style holster
  • 2 3/4" wide gun belt
  • 20 cartridge loops
  • thick 9 oz leather
  • half shell border tooling HAND TOOLED
  • blocked with old Ruger Vaquero or a double action revolver of your choice. 
  • made in America

This rig is made to order and not in stock. The shipping time is 4 to 6 week as these are hand made.
Please know your belt size. 15% restock fee if returned due to wrong size. 
Regular Price: $169.00 double holster rig 

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